Aaron Erickson

Honolulu, Hawaii



1996-2000 : Hilo High School, Hawaii

2000-2004 : Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering, Structural Emphasis; University of Hawaii at Manoa, Honolulu

2004-2007 : Master of Science, Civil Engineering, Structural Emphasis; University of Hawaii at Manoa, Honolulu

Employment Experience

prior : Various Construction Industry; Construction Labor, Painting, Carpentry, Concrete & CMU

2005 : SSFM International, Structural Intern Structural design tasks, and other work typical of an intern in a structural engineering design office.

2006 : Wilson Okamoto Incorporated, Structural Intern Structural design tasks, and other work typical of an intern in a structural engineering design office.

2007-2023 : Wiss Janney Elstner Associates; Senior Associate & Project Manager Developing solutions for the build world, including architectural, material science, and structural areas of practice.

Current : Independently Consulting Seeking opportunities.

Notable Projects and Areas of Expertise

2007-2023 Aloha Stadium: Halawa, Hawaii Managed various project for the State of Hawaii Department of Accounting and General Services, including planning, design, and construction efforts to address various issues at Aloha Stadium. Projects included structural modelling with consideration of wind tunnel derived wind loading; Periodic hands-on surveying of structural conditions and corrosion, creating and maintaining tracking records for over 17,000 unique structural members in the facility; implementation of targeted structural, architectural, and mechanical system improvements to mitigate corrosion, deficiencies in original design, and voluntary upgrades for compliance to modern structural code requirements.

Hawaii State Capitol Building, Honolulu, Hawaii Investigation of mosaic tiled concrete soffit and concrete facade, review of concrete repair, review of hot rubberized asphalt waterproofing installation.

Bridge Inspections: Various Locations, Mainland and Hawaii Supported and led inspection teams investigating conditions of many bridges including timber, concrete, and steel structures including fracture critical bridges. Inspections required rope access techniques and implementation of various specialized tools including ground penetrating radar (GPR), resistograph, ultrasonic gages, magnetic particle evaluation, among other methods.

Concrete Parking Structures and Facades: Various Locations, Hawaii Performed many projects involving investigation, upkeep, and repair of high rise facades and ancillary multi-level parking structures, including post tensioned and conventional concrete. Frequently encountered defects include coating distress, corrosion, and structural integrity issues. Evaluated condition of structures, designed repairs to include protective elements to mitigate future distress.

Light Gage Steel Truss Reviews: Various Locations, Mainland and Hawaii Assess light gage steel trusses for weld defects and damage; digitial data collection.

Litigation Support, Various Locations, Hawaii. Supported and led expert teams in complex construction litigation matters, including assessment of defects in concrete and steel, light frame construction, building envelope components, finishes, glass, and aluminum, and code compliance.

Testing and Instrumentation Testing and instrumentation in support of forensic investigations. Developed hydraulic systems for static load tests of various components, deployed instrumentation systems for recording load, deflection, vibrations, and sensors for building science assessments. Coordinated laboratory testing including concrete tests, metallurgical, chemical characterization, accelerated weathering, among others.

Difficult Access Industrial Rope Access technician, with working knowledge of all common access techniques for work at height.

Corrosion Assessment of corrosion on structural and architectural steel components, repair of corrosion damaged materials, and design of corrosion prevention. Review of corrosion on stainless steels, aluminum, and copper materials.

Waterproofing and Roofing Assessment of existing conditions and development of specifications and design detailing for traffic coatings, below-grade waterproofing, and roofing systems.

Timber Assessment Assessment of damages due to overload, termites, fire and decay, testing to confirm presence of wood treatment, moisture content, resistograph testing to assess internal decay.